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Our team of cruise consultants has been chosen carefully and between them, have over 127 years cruise experiences and have cruised on most ships and been to most destinations. Most of our consultants have completed the highest level of accreditation across all cruise lines, including ICCA Accreditation and Commodore status with Princess, making sure you deal with the experts.
- Founder & Chairman
I took my first cruise when I was 21 and never imagined I'd own a company that specialised in selling cruise holidays. Since that first cruise, I've been lucky enough to experience an array of different ships, destinations and experiences including the naming ceremony of Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth, both were amazing experiences. I love snow skiing, golf, scuba diving, swimming, exercise, motor racing, hiking, fishing and discovering new places in the world. Of course I love cruising and meeting new people, I think I have one of the best jobs in the world! I'm very proud of our staff and achievements, what we have achieved in a short period of time and look forward to keeping our company at the forefront of the cruise travel industry.
- Finance & Administration
One evening out on deck as I watched the moonlight sparkle on the waves, a wise (and handsome) man said to me, "See how the moonlight hits the water; that's what cruising is all about". Now, when I cruise, I often remember those words with a wry smile as I listen to the waves lap (or crash!) on the side of the ship because cruising is that, and so much more. For those of us that have had the joy of doing the right cruise at the right time, it's a holiday that's infectious. It can be glamorous, it can be fun, it can be quality time spent with family or friends, it can be of another era, it can be relaxing, it can be adventurous or just plain good value - Whichever it is, each cruise is different and it is what you make it. I urge you to "go cruising - discover the difference"... I did and I'm hooked!
- Finance Manager
I am from a beautiful city named Suzhou in China. The City welcomes thousands of people from all over the world because of its famous garden built thousands years ago. When people were traveling to my home town, I was trying to travel around the world. Travel is such an amazing thing, there are lots of things waiting for you to discover. I have been to Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong and many places of interest in China. Thanks to Ecruising, now I even have the chance to discover the mystery of the ocean!
- Sales Supervisor - Winner of the 2015 Top Cruise consultant of the year – CLIA awards
I have been travelling on and off since I was 15, as my previous career was a professional dancer for 12 years. I was very fortunate with that to have lived and worked in Japan, Thailand, USA and Sweden. In 2003, I started working for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines in their production shows for 3 years. I worked on a variety of their ships and travelled all through the USA and the Caribbean and loved it very much. It was on the Grandeur of the Seas when I worked for the future cruise consultant as a side job that I developed my passion for the Travel industry. I hung my dance shoes up and moved to the UK in 2007 and started working for a Travel agency where I learnt the industry and continued my travels through the UK and Europe for the next 2 1/2 years. I’ve recently moved home to Australia which brings me to now and I’m really happy to be a part of the Ecruising team! I hope with my cruising and travel experience it will help aid you to have the holiday of a lifetime!
- Senior Cruise Consultant (P&O Academy – Commodore, Princess Commodore, Royal Caribbean Admiral)

Travel has become more than just a hobby for me, it has become more of a lifestyle! I have travelled from such a very young age, and since then travelled extensively around the world. I have been fortunate to travel to over 30 countries, been on over 40 different ships ranging from the world’s largest ship, to the most luxurious and even iconic rail journeys such as the Indian Pacific and The Ghan! You know you’re addicted to travel when you plan a holiday while on an existing trip!

From my experience travelling to many places, I am confident to say a cruise holiday is the way to go. There is nothing better than enjoying a cocktail by the pool docked in a spectacular and unique port, then waking up the following morning in another port stressed free, relaxed and ready to explore what the world has to offer.

- Web Content Developer
I have lived in Australia for all my life and relish the opportunity to explore new and interesting places around the world. Just last year I flew over to New Zealand and had an excellent time trekking in the mountains, rock climbing and riding the river rapids. I am very excited to be part of the team at ecruising and look forward to the time I can sail the seas and explore this weird and wonderful world we live in.
- Assistant Manager Cruise Tours
“Once you have travelled, the voyage never ends”. My voyage began when I arrived in Japan for an exchange year, many years ago. The year was full of surprises and every experience no matter how big or small was fascinating to me. I knew then that my career would be in the travel industry. With a background in marketing as well as leisure and corporate travel, my work ranged from airline ticketing to product marketing and group travel management. I look forward to making your dream experiential luxury tour a reality.
- Cruise Consultant
I have been in the travel industry coming in to my 5th year. I came straight out of school as this was something I always had a passion for because this world is full of all exciting and wonderful things to see and do. I have travelled a lot for someone at my age, I have been to South Africa, Dubai, Egypt, America and Fiji and I cannot wait to expand the list! The reason for coming into the cruise world is because of how each experience is just simply amazing and easy, you get to see all different countries whilst sailing on the one cruise, you unpack once, you have all meals included and so much to see and do whilst on board. If there is anything more I could speak highly of, it is definitely cruising, if you want an easy holiday, you will definitely want a cruise! So if there is anything you want to know about Ecruising or to book an exciting cruise, I will be very happy to help!
- Technical Lead
I am from Gujarat, a beautiful state in India rich in culture, tradition, famous for its food and a great place for tourism. I have spent most of my career life in Ahmedabad. I have chosen Sydney, Australia as my next destination and enjoying the great environment here. I love the beaches and natural beauties of Australia. I started my career as a programmer in 2004 and having a vast experience with the hospitality industry and software designs. Looking forward to have a great exposure as Technical Lead with Ecruising, and I feel good working with this great culture and team!!
- Groups and Product Coordinator
Born and raised in Sydney, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to some of the most amazing places around the world. Once you join the travel industry it’s hard to depart…Travel is more than just sightseeing; it’s about being inspired, challenged and experiencing things you could never imagine. As some say ‘travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer’ Having worked at Ecruising for 6 years a couple years back, I’m happy to be re-joining the team and the booming cruising industry.
- Senior Cruise Consultant

I read somewhere that travel is the only thing you buy that you get richer – and I couldn’t agree more! I have been very fortunate to have spent my working life in an industry I love. I have worked in many areas of travel, including airlines, tour companies, wholesale and corporate travel and owning my own retail travel business. Cruising has always been at the top of the list – my favourite way to travel. I have seen incredible growth in cruising – from the days of the first Oriana sailing the South Pacific and Asia out of Sydney in the 1970’s and 80’s and the “Fairstar” the first real “fun ship” down under. Today we are so spoilt for choice, from mega-liners soon to sail our shores to intimate small ships – there is a ship for everyone – and I have the privilege every day, researching and recommending cruise solutions to our customers. At eCrusing I am excited to be working with a wonderful team of like-minded people – passionate about what they do, offering unique cruise holiday itineraries and planning unforgettable holiday experiences.

I have travelled extensively, and as Susan Sontag once said: “I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list”. A personal highlight for me recently was spending a week on the Canal Midi in France with my sons, partners and grand-daughter.We chartered a hotel barge – what a wonderful way to enjoy the delights of Southern France while sharing a very special time with my family – definitely a different style of cruising, and one I would absolutely recommend.

- Documentations

New Zealand born and bred, moving to Sydney when I was young created an urge to travel. Having worked in travel for over 26years has taken me to some amazing places . 9 times to Alaska which has included some experiences that you get nowhere else, Camping and berry picking on the tundra,-all whilst keeping an eye out for the local wildlife, swimming in outdoor thermal pools in -26 Degree temperatures. I’ve seen black bears on the mountains behind me and Beluga whales in the bay in front of me. The beauty of Thailand and the history and stories of the Tower of London.

I’m new to Cruising but loving the opportunity and enjoying my part in making your holiday a wonderful one.

- Cruise Travel Consultant
I have been in the travel industry now for over 6 years but have been travelling constantly since finishing school. My love of travel has taken me to far flung parts of the world including Africa, South America, North America, Europe, the Subcontinent and Asia. Getting to experience amazing things such as mountain gorillas in Uganda, Machu Picchu, The Taj Mahal and fantastic cities such as New York, Boston and New Orleans fuels my love of travel and I love nothing better than passing these experiences and knowledge onto others.
- Product and Groups Coordinator

I have been in the travel industry for more than 20 years and am excited to now learn everything about the cruising industry with ecruising. I have travelled to America, Hawaii, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Bali and even did a South Pacific cruise on the old Fairstar the fun ship many years ago. I would one day love to explore Europe, but so far my favourite place to visit is New York.

- Travel Consultant & Administration

Born and raised in central London, U.K, I have always been surrounded by international cultures and spent many holidays travelling to different parts of Europe. My passion for travelling grew whilst studying International Tourism Management at University and spending a placement year working for a tour operator in Toronto, Canada. One of my highlights of living in North America was seeing the fireworks over Brooklyn Bridge for Independence Day on my first trip to New York City.

Since graduating in 2009, I have worked for luxury tour operators, a cruise line, travelled and lived in Taupo, New Zealand. In my former role as a USA specialist; I have extensively explored Eastern and Deep South USA, searching for places off the beaten track to create personalised tailor-made self-drive itineraries. In the words of Bill Bryson 'the greatest reward and luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the first time'. My fascination of exploring the world took me to Australia in 2016, which I have fallen in love with. I’m keen to share my passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of the wonderful travel destinations I’ve been to.

- Sales Consultant

Ever since my first overseas trip as an 18 year old on a European Contiki tour, my eyes have been wide open to the amazing world of travel! I feel so fortunate to live in an era where we have so many affordable and accessible options to experience the world around us, given my Nanna never even stepped foot onto a plane!

My travels have seen me reach Europe and the UK multiple times, South East Asia, New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia and of course many of Australia’s top destinations. Next on the list is New York! I’ve been in the industry for four years now and am here to stay... What better way to spend my day than helping others reach new and exciting destinations!

- Graphic Designer

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes". That is my idea of travelling and indeed it 'only' took me to fly across the ocean, from Italy to Sydney, to redefine myself completely.

I am a solo-traveller and love to see beauty through my eyes and my lenses, as, being a designer, I am an aesthetics seeker. Also I am extremely fashinated by nature and the peaceful landscapes that simply conquer your soul. If I am not creating design artworks, you will probably find me lost somewhere in the mountains (possibly DOlomites).

My dream destination? NEW ZEALAND!

- Customer Service & Loyalty manager

Australian born travel has always been a part of my life. I have travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and North America and lived in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia . Extensive experience in air and cruise line sales and customer service has brought me to ecruising.travel to manage the POSH Club and LATITUDE33 SUMMIT SOCIETY. I love meeting and connecting with these members and learning their story!

- Airline & Airfare Manager

I have been fortunate to travel to many wonderful places around the world; I have climbed the Great Wall, been to the top of the Eiffel Tower and walked along Santa Monica Pier.

Among the countries I have visited, there have been a few standouts. China was a real eye opener. The difference in culture and the people were a real contrast to what I experience day in day out here in Australia. The enormity of the country is amazing, so many things to see and do.

Italy was also another favourite. The history is truly mind-blowing. Rome, Florence, Venice...... all amazing places with their cafes, restaurants and incredible shopping.

Then there is Hong Kong. An explosion of Chinese and western cultures surrounding a magnificent harbour that must be seen to be believed. Lastly, Great Britain. Having had the chance to travel through this region, to England, Ireland Scotland and Wales, it showed me just how rugged and majestic this planet can be.

Only recently I had the chance to experience my first cruise and after being a little apprehensive before, I realised just how much fun cruising can be, either for 3 nights or 3 weeks it's something to be experienced.

- Senior Cruise Consultant

My very first job, after spending a year in Buffalo New York as an Rotary exchange Student, was in a Travel Agency. After 3 months working in the travel industry I got to experience my first cruise on board the Fairstar. I have travelled extensively through out the world and my favourite love is cruising. I look forward to working with ecruising and booking many cruises.

- Cruise Consultant

Travel is in my blood, it is my passion and I have been very fortunate to travel to around 40 countries during my life, but I am always keen to see and experience more.

I never tire of visiting Europe, and still have a few countries left to visit, so I can tick off the whole map of Europe. More recently I have been visiting the Americas, south and north and can’t wait to see more of this diverse part of the world. I took my first cruise 6 years ago, and am now hooked on cruising and love hearing others stories of cruises they have been on – by far the most relaxing and hassle free of any kind of travel. To have the majority of your holiday costs included in your cruise fare is amazing value, leaving your time to enjoy your experience. Where else can you wake up in a different port every day and enjoy so many activities, entertainment and dining options just a short stroll from your cabin…

I am very excited to be part of the Ecruising team and very much look forward to helping you plan and book your next cruise holiday and making your holiday one to remember.

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