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I'm so excited (and I just cant hide it) - By Senior Consultant, Tiffany!

Apr 09, 2021

Itinerarynoun – a planned route or journey

Exciteverb - cause (someone) to feel very enthusiastic and eager.

Don’t know about you all, but I am all but standing at the door with my passport in hand… and whilst I literally still cannot go anywhere just yet, mentally, my plans are in place.

Do you know our ecruising home page currently has (at time of writing) 21,495 products available for you to view? This does not include what our amazing product specialists are working continually working on…

So, out of all of these offers, surely there is something to get you excited.

I thought I would take a minute or so to share with you some of my current favourites. I mention these only due to the way the itinerary appeals to my travel heart. I am not promoting one line over another, or one deal over another, just countries that I either love or are on my list.

 I hope this gets you planning….


My Number 1….Straight to the Top! :  Reykjavik, Iceland - Paris, France

I think I could rave about this one for hours. Starting in Iceland (hello Vikings and Blue Lagoon), this itinerary has Nordic landscape, Scottish influenced seaport villages, a bit of ABBA, museums, a few Baltic waves, the drama of Russia, the charm of Estonia, throw in some Belgium beer and chocolate, and get your “ooh la las “ on down the Champs-Elysées.

Port-intensive, 18-night cruise – take a look – this has everything!


My Number 2: Jerusalem (Haifa), Israel - Barcelona, Spain

This is another really port-intensive itinerary, and having been to quite a few of these places… be warned …you may put on a few holiday kilos. Starting in Jerusalem – the intense history, the food, the surrounding areas with a mixed landscape, easily one of the best places I have been.

Your brain will be spinning at the history on this option, from Israel to 6 different Greek Ports, a stop in Albania, then onto Croatia and Montenegro. Between the sea and the architecture, you won't know which is more absorbing. You get Italy, and France and finally Spain – Viva la Vida Barcelona….. mmmmmm jamon…. and Sagrada Família may even be finished by then.


My Number 2 and a half: Istanbul, Turkey - Barcelona, Spain

Hold on a sec, you may notice I was just talking about Barcelona,,, (this is because it is such a cool city – get off the Rambla, into the alleys, and you find all sorts of treasures)… But this option holds almost equal second place.

Why? Well if you have not been to Turkey – get there!. Istanbul (old area) with the Blue Mosque and the souq again gives you a sense of the past, and if you are there during Ramadan, the call to prayer really makes you feel like you are somewhere mystical. You can venture out of the City and get a sense of the country, but extend your time in Turkey, and take it slow.

Again, this itinerary takes in plenty of Greece, Malta, France, and Spain, so whilst Number two above for me holds a better contrast of destinations, this option, I would also do.


Lastly, Number 3: Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan roundtrip

Many of you may have seen this one sent out by us, and for me, as I have not been to Japan, I do like, once again, the number of ports visited.

Japan has never been top of my list and occasionally slips in/slips out of places for me to go. As a travel agent, over the years, I have sent many people there for ski season, for organised land tours – especially for cherry blossom season, and even a couple of clients on treks to temples.

I have had friends travel due to the quirkiness of Owl or Cat Cafes, toilet museums or to see a sumo tournament…

This itinerary offers a chance to see ports you may not normally consider if you are a first-timer here. You are taken all the way North and bought back through to ensure your experience the more familiar Hiroshima/Mt Fuji and Tokyo.

For me, the small inclusion of Busan, South Korea is the highlight – let's see how much shopping and Korean BBQ I can experience in a day.


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