5 People You Meet on a Cruise Ship

For the solo traveller, there is no possibility of feeling lonely on a cruise ship. Cruises are all about fun, friendship and the opportunity to relax and its highlight likely that by the end of your vacation, you’ll emerge with a host of lifelong friends, without even trying. Read on to discover seven of the most colourful characters you are likely to meet during your next cruise.


The Relaxed Recluse 


Among the high energy children, the unwinding parents and the raucous groups of friends, you’re sure to find some relaxed recluses on your trip. These are the quiet, observant types, who are content to sit on the sidelines watching the chaos unfold.

 You’ll find them on one of the ship’s many side decks, curled up with a good book and cool beverage. If they seem open to conversation take the time to talk to them. The quiet ones are often the most interesting.


Hen’s Party Girls 


Cruise ships are fast becoming one of the most popular hen’s party venues. You’ll find these ecstatic girls taking over ship’s bars, clubs, theatres, hot tubs and spas.

 As they’re celebrating a major milestone, it’s very easy to befriend this group – provided you’re willing to join the party.


The Veterans 


On every cruise, you’ll inevitably run into the cruise veterans. This is a sweet couple who are on their 1,000th sea journey. These are the ideal people to befriend (particularly if it’s your first time). They know the vessel inside out, all the secret menus and how to score a cabin upgrade. Stick with them and you’ll have the most enjoyable cruise of your life.




You’re certain to spot this group a mile away – they throw all manners, charisma and caution to the wind, and why wouldn’t they? It’s a week of working on their tan and sipping mojitos by the pool. They’re the overly excited ones, displaying the first signs of second degree sunburn. First-timers can (and will) take any opportunity to embarrass themselves. So, befriend them with caution (especially if you’re not prepared to feel a little silly).


Families (of All Kinds) 


Families can be some of the best companions on a trip, because they bring their own unique energy and sometimes even some humour.

You’ll have the happy families, consisting of parents and some kids, who will just embrace every opportunity they can get. The parents will happily spend time with you for some adult company while spending some time with the right youngsters can be fun too (after all, you get to give them back). Then there are the family reunions, who have decided that the best way to rekindle was by trapping everyone on a boat. Behind the funny themed shirts and the endless in-jokes and stories, these reunion groups can also be good fun.


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