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My Time in Dubai - W Hotel, Al Habtoor City

W Hotel, Al Habtoor City

Located on the banks of the recently opened Dubai Water Canal lies the luxurious W Hotel in Al Habtoor City, approximately twenty minutes’ drive from Dubai International Airport. This is a brand new area still currently under development which comprises the W, the Westin and St. Regis hotels all inter-connected. 

Upon arrival I was greeted by friendly and attentive staff ready to whisk my luggage off to my room. The hotel’s check-in procedure is slightly unconventional as it takes place on the 30th floor in a space dubbed the W Lounge.

This gives you the opportunity to relax in a comfortable sitting area with panoramic views of the Dubai Water Canal whilst you enjoy a complimentary welcome drink. 

After some time spent soaking up the scenery and decompressing after a long flight I was presented with my room key and directed to my living quarters aptly titled the ‘Spectacular Room’.

As you push open the door and enter, a visual feast awaits. The corridor from the front door splits in two with an open bathroom on the left with a large vanity and inviting bathtub unusually positioned so it is visible from the common area.

The room is very spacious at approximately forty-four square metres with plenty of room to maneuver and features a terrific view of the canal through large floor-to-ceiling windows.

The kitchenette offers complimentary tea and coffee with a Nespresso machine, which will certainly suit those early-morning risers. A large wall-mounted TV faces opposite the large bed and on either side are master switches that control all lights and devices in the room as well as the curtains - a really handy feature. 

As you can tell from the pictures there is an overwhelming modern feel throughout the design of the room and is somewhat futuristic. Science-fiction fans will surely be at home here. Some of the furniture even looks like it was lifted directly from the set of 2001: A Space Odyssey. 

With that being said it truly is an awesome place to stay, and yes the bed is very comfortable. If you’re after a hotel room that is a bit funky and lively the W will suit you well or even if you just want a totally different hotel experience altogether. The pool area is a testament to that. How many pools do you know where you can float around on an inflatable tounge?

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