Island Escape

Island Escape

At Island Escape Cruises we are passionate about preserving the beautiful waters in which we are travelling. We built a yacht which goes above and beyond the future global standards for emission, but we want to go a little further.

We have installed an advanced wastewater treatment system onboard enabling us to have zero impact in the sensitive areas where we are exploring. Our yacht complies with the latest SOLAS rules and is designed and certified as an ocean-going ship to travel to all corners of the world. For further passenger comfort she is fitted with state-of-the-art stabilisers to minimise sea conditions. Fuel-efficient and quiet diesel-electric propulsion, and catalytic invertors reduce NOX emissions to the air by up to 90%. Further, we have installed a heat recovery system that uses heat from the engines to make sufficient hot water for showers and the galley. To protect the seabed, we fitted a dynamic positioning system, which allows us to be stationary in areas without the use of anchors that would damage the seabed.

he ‘Island Escape’ will set new cruising standards, making her one of safest, most environmentally friendly and comfortable yachts of her class to operate in our special little part of the world. With just 32 guests and 14 crew, we look forward to providing exceptional cruising in some of the most amazing areas on our Australasia and South Pacific cruising schedule.

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