Silver Dawn
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Silver Dawn

The new Dawn is coming! Be the first to sail aboard Silver Dawn, the tenth ultra-luxury ship to join our fleet. From November 2021.

A new world of luxury is waiting aboard Silver Dawn. Both classic yet modern, Silver Dawn is the natural evolution of our fleet. Large enough to offer eight dining options – including the superb Sea and Land Taste (S.A.L.T.) programme – yet small enough for the famed Silversea on board ambience, Silver Dawn inherits the best features of her sister ships Silver Muse and Silver Moon, but is in a class all of her own. Sumptuous suites, outstanding itineraries plus cutting-edge design and technology, Silver Dawn sets new standards of luxury. Let’s wake up to a new dawn with Silversea.

Guests capacity 596

Crew capacity 411

Tonnage 40,700 Tons

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If the Owner’s suite is good enough for our Chairman, then we must be doing something right! Available in a one or two bedroom configuration (so perfect for families) the Owner’s suite is the epitome of elegance at sea.
A grand traveller needs a grand suite, and we are happy to oblige! Get ready to scale new heights of comfort in our ultra-luxury Grand Suite. Situated at the front of the ship for the most spectacular views, the Grand Suite is for travellers who like the finer things in life.
With just two Royal Suites on board, this stateroom is in a class all of its own! Spacious and dignified, commanding and majestic, there’s no secret to why we named this suite Royal.

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