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Sky Princess

Sky Princess®, the newest addition to our fleet, elevates the distinctive, contemporary design and luxurious attractions of our renowned Royal-class ships to even loftier heights. You can look forward to our most exciting entertainment venues yet, our newest dining choices and award-winning chef partnerships, as well as more staterooms than ever to relax in. And that’s just the start!

Reach for the Sky

On December 7, 2019, Princess Cruises honored two pioneering women of the U.S. Space Program: Captain Kay Hire, and engineer Poppy Northcutt, who served as the godmothers, and officially named Sky Princess. Captain Hire began her 30-year NASA career as a mechanical systems engineer, helping to launch more than 40 space missions. Then, as an astronaut, she logged 700 hours in space, flew over 12 million miles, and orbited the earth 475 times. Poppy Northcutt served as the first female mission control engineer when NASA made history with its mission to the moon. When the crew of Apollo 13 became stranded in their service module, it was her team’s calculations that brought them home safely – a feat of heroism that earned the entire mission operations a Presidential Medal of Freedom Team Award.

Guests 3,660 Crew 1,346 Built Oct 2019

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Unparalleled Service & The Largest Balcony at Sea
Most Luxurious Accommodations at Sea
Mini-Suite with Exclusive VIP Touches
Add an Element of Luxury to Your Stay
Spectacular Views from Your Room
Front Row Seat for Beautiful Scenery
A room with an expansive view
Our Most Affordable Option
For Guests with Limited Mobility
Fresh and Flexible, Dine Any Time
Indulge in the Classic Cruise Experience
Signature Dishes from Chef Stone
Indulge Your Chocolate Fantasies
Hand-Tossed Pizza, Hot Out of the Oven
Taste the World One Station at a Time
Sip and Snack Around the Clock
Treat yourself to one of our 100% handmade Gourmet Burgers
Celebrate Seafood
Our top-deck pizzeria
Celebration of Tasty Teas and Divine Desserts
A Sweet Treat from Italy
A Dazzling Dining Adventure
French Bistro-style Fare with a Modern Twist
Timeless Steakhouse Traditions
A Private Dining Room with a View
Experience the World’s Great Celebrations
Take a Stroll into the European-style Piazza
So Many Cool Places to Unwind
Top Notch Entertainment & Crafted Cocktails
Tax and Duty-free Shopping
For Novices, Casual Players, or High Rollers
Wines from Around the World
Live Acts and Spirited Gatherings
Broadway-Style Productions at Sea
The Only Jazz Theater at Sea
A Reel Treat Day or Night
The No. 1 TV Singing Competition Rocks the High Seas!
Great Venues Large and Small
Discover Even More with Discovery™
Art Lovers Rejoice—Enjoy Exquisite Art Aboard
Get in the Game with a Variety of Activities
Capture a Memorable Moment in Time
Fast – Reliable - Unlimited
Dazzling Entertainment Every Day and Night
At Night, the Stars Shine Bright on Our Stages
Unlock the Phantom Bridge, our new Escape Room
Experience the Ultimate Night of Sleep at Sea
Added Touches for a Wonderful Rest
Go Ahead, Be Pampered – You Deserve It
A Host of Ways to Get an Energizing Workout
Luxuriate in Our Largest-ever Thermal Suite
Explore the Treehouse
Step into the Lodge
Hang Out in the Beach House
Marvelous Martinis and Melodies
The No. 1 TV Singing Competition Rocks the High Seas!
Greater Tranquility Just for Adults
Experience the World’s Great Celebrations

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