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Africa is a very diverse continent, with each country, or even each part of a country having its own unique culture. While it is common for people in the West to refer to Africa as if it was a single country, one should remember the sheer size of the continent, and that Africa is not one country but 54 different countries, meaning that it is impossible to make generalisations of Africa as a whole.

Africa today is a vast continent with many bustling metropolises, friendly people, and amazingly diverse and beautiful landscapes.

A land itinerary is a must for anyone cruising to or from Africa. There are so many experiences and options to cater for nearly anybody.

South Africa, a country with such a diverse and long history is full of stories, trials and tribulations.

The city of Cape Town is a highlight of any trip to South Africa, whether it is a visit to the top of the imposing Table Mountain, a trip out to Robben Island to experience the recent history of the country or a leisurely journey out of the city to the wine region surrounding the gorgeous German-influenced town of Stellenbosch.

For someone who likes to live on the wild side another not to be missed experience whilst in South Africa is a safari, and there is no better place than the world-famous Kruger National Park. There are a myriad of accommodation options in and around the park as a base to head out and try to spot wildlife such as lions, giraffe, elephants, antelope and hyenas.

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