Be prepared for a sensory overload.
With Asia holding 60% of the Worlds population, expect to leave with sights, sounds, smells and tastes that you will not forget.

This continent offers a mix of adventure, landscapes, spirituality and technology. You may visit China for the Great Wall, Cambodia for Angor Wat, or India for the Taj Mahal just to witness what ancient civilisations were able to create, but you will learn from the stories that these are more than structures for defence or religion or love. You may marvel at the vastness of nature trekking in the Himalayas or the Goyo Lakes in Nepal or sailing the limestone karsts and isles around Ha Long Bay. The beautiful beaches and islands in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia will not disappoint.

The cities of Asia are constantly abuzz. Understanding the chaos is not meant for us, and seeing your first small motorbike in Vietnam with 5 people or a fridge being balanced on it is not uncommon. Bangkok with its tuk tuks, Delhi with the constant blaring of car horns, Shanghai and its love of fireworks are all going to keep you guessing what will come next. Day or night, these cities are alive with people, traffic, smells of food markets, calls from the night vendors selling their wares, music from endless bars, or laser shows to keep you entertained.

Each country has its own eclectic mix of old and new, travel to Japan for geishas and tea ceremonies and then rent your own kimono to wear for the day to one of their themed cafes with cats, animes or owls (oh my). Go to Taiwan for the extraordinary landscape of Taroko Gorge, visit Wanli UFO Village, the world largest work of glass The Dome of Light displayed in a subway station and then dinner at the Modern Toilet Restaurant. Visit Vietnams stretch of coastline from Sapa and the hilltribes, Uncle Hos Mausoleum in Hanoi, Hoi Ans Lantern festivals on the full moon, and marvel at a show in Saigon's Opera House.

To slow down, take your time in Singapore. A beautiful clean city, easy to explore, accepting of its colonial heritage. So many galleries, open green spaces, cultural areas and futuristic designs make this a city not to be missed.

And finally, we must mention the food. Some traditional Asian cuisine our palates may find challenging. Hawker Markets through to Michelin star rated fusions. Curries in Sri Lanka and India, Chilli crab in Singapore, Kimchi in Korea, Ca Phe Sua Da (iced coffee) in Vietnam … we could go on. But don’t forget the Yak Meat Momos in Tibet, the sweet Candied Haws in China or the Egg Tarts in Macau, through to the maybe more challenging Century Eggs or even a Durian fruit. Don’t worry, you will not go hungry visiting Asia.

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