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When you think about where to travel in Europe, how do you narrow this down? Should you concentrate on one country, but then they are all so close together and so easily accessible, should you do a little bit of everything?

What we love about Europe is the accessibility, and yes, you can get a cheap flight or a train across a border, or a coach trip that requires hours of driving only to spend a night in another hotel. There is nothing wrong with these options, as long as you are prepared for this.

If you are looking to experience various countries, not having the concern of border crossings, or being at an airport 3 hours before a short 40 minute flight, maximising your days in the chic City of Rome or re-enacting a scene from GOT in Dubrovnik, cruising is a fantastic option for you.

Imagine waking up in Barcelona, heading straight to La Segrada Familia, walking along the La Rambla, stopping for a sangria, eating jamon, cheese and olives and seafood at La Boqueria markets. Wandering through the alley ways and stumbling upon the Picasso Museum. Back to your spacious cabin to swim and have cocktails, dinner and dancing, rolling into bed and awaking (after a sleep-in) in Marseille, where you can wander around the fascinating Old Port and wonder at the architecture of MuCEM, un café at Le Penier, African markets at Noailles and walk along Boulevard Longchamp.

Deciding where to go, well, what appeals most to you? Do you visit the Eastern Mediterranean with the always popular Greek Islands - who does not have Santorini on their list? The beautiful waters of Croatia, the incredible Blue Mosque of Istanbul in Turkey, or create your own cicchetti tour in Venice ( snack sized bites of Venetian fare taken at small bars across the city).The Western Mediterranean is full of Spanish wonders, Portuguese Tarts and classic French Joie de vivre!

The Baltics will astound you taking in destinations such as Russia and Estonia, where the Soviet influence is still so evident. The spectacle of the Kremlin, Red Square and St Basils Cathedral is made a breeze to visit when you are on Cruise as the VISA application is simplified for you. From the stone facades of these cities, traverse up the Majestic Fjords in Norway to embrace nature or to Iceland to spend a day at the Blue Lagoon (remember your shower cap) or sampling puffin, Hákarl (fermented shark) or the more palatable Hot Spring Rye Bread.

Don’t restrict your travels to Europe with your flights, remember that most airlines have the options to fly into one city and out of another. So, flying into mainland Europe and then out of the UK means you can easily combine time in both. Again there are also internal flights, or the Eurostar from Paris to take you to London or more cruise options, into or around the British Isles.

We don’t just recommend Ocean Cruising, but the vast number of River Cruise options, that will have you safely traversing the canals of smaller villages, and allowing you to embark and explore without the need of extra transport.

Europe offers the perfect combination of history, culture, architecture and landscape. Food, wine and beer at any time is acceptable. Beaches, bars and parties for those who want, and countryside, bike rides and vineyards for those with a more relaxed holiday in mind.

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