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South America

South America, with its mix of ancient indigenous culture and the later influence of the Spanish conquistadors is a continent of passion, flair and colour. From the vibrancy of Buenos Aires and the European feel of Santiago to the wonders of Iguazu Falls and Machu Picchu, the continent offers both man-made and natural wonders not seen anywhere else in the world.

With more and more cruise lines offering Antarctica and South America itineraries it is a perfect opportunity to combine your cruise with an amazing land itinerary.

Argentina is a land of gauchos, tango and football. With most cruises in South America beginning or ending in Buenos Aires, a stay in the city is a must. Highlights whilst in Buenos Aires include a city tour to view its amazing architecture and history, taking in a Tango and dinner show to experience the passion of the Tango in the city where it was created or visiting the cities world famous opera house.

Iguazu Falls straddles both Argentina and Brazil and trips to both sides are required to get a complete appreciation of this natural wonder. Additional options whilst at the falls of a helicopter flight over the falls or a boat trip beneath the falls adds a wow factor to any trip.

Peru, the seat of power for the ancient Incan civilization, offers a fascinating insight into the ancient ways and the transformation of the region under Spanish rule. Whether visiting the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu or other Incan sites in and around the city of Cuzco or learning about the role of religion and the Spanish in post-Incan Peru, there is something around every corner for travellers.

A few itinerary suggestions to complement a cruise itinerary include a 3-night Iguazu Falls package, a 7 or 8 day Peru itinerary taking in Machu Picchu and pre or post cruise packages in Buenos Aires or Santiago. The great thing about South America is that you can combine any or all of the above, the only restriction is how long you have!

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