Expedition Cruising - Explore Unique Destinations

Expedition Cruising

Explore Unique Destinations

More and more holidaymakers discover that small ship cruising is the best way to get off-the-beaten-track and see some of the world’s most unspoilt and remote destinations.

From waking up anchored in a secluded bay with nothing but a morning swim on the agenda to opening your cabin’s curtains to the white wonderland of polar caps and the promise of penguins, expedition cruising is more about the destination than the ship. You won’t find zip lines and waterslides on the top deck of an expedition ship, and in lieu of casinos and grand theatres you will be treated to an education onboard and an adventure ashore.

It also means flexibility when it comes to itineraries. Spontaneous guests will love the opportunity to drop anchor somewhere unplanned to enjoy a stroll ashore and meet some locals, or get swept up in a once-in-a-lifetime marine encounter. A key attribute of expedition cruising is the opportunity for full immersion with crew often consisting of a mix of locals and experts who ensure the colour and culture of the place is just as alive on the ship as off.

Extensive Expedition Team

The onboard staff are typically augmented with a world-class Expedition Team comprised of veteran wilderness experts, scientists, historians and naturalists. These fascinating individuals combine masterful scholarly accomplishments with the logistic skills to guide expedition experiences for guests. They are also part of the education programs, providing expert insights into the history, ecology and culture of the places visited, both in formal presentations and casual conversations over meals or at leisure

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