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Coral Expeditions - SAILSAFE Plan

August 14, 2020

Before You Cruise

7 Days - 24 Hours Before Departure

All guests and crew must complete the screening process

Their SailSAFE Health Questionnaire has a number of steps that you will complete prior to your Level One Screening.
At Level One Screening, your GP will be asked to complete Part C of the detailed questionnaire which Coral Expeditions will have supplied to you. This Level One medical should be conducted seven days prior to the departure of your expedition. Once completed, the questionnaire will be sent to Coral Expeditions’ medical practitioners to complete prior to boarding.

They ask that all guests and crew self-isolate to the extent possible between their GP visit and arriving at the departure point of their cruise. They suggest the following approach:
  • Conduct only essential activities outside of your home
  • Limit your exposure to indoor public spaces or transport
  • Avoid large social gatherings.

They ask that all guests take a COVID-19 PCR test 72-24 hours prior to embarkation time. This test involves some small discomfort in gathering a nose and throat sample, but lasts only a matter of moments. You will receive your results, often via text message, and they require you to provide this proof of a negative result when you arrive for check-in.

To reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 as you travel to your cruise departure port, their recommendations include wearing a mask whilst travelling in public transport and in terminals, wash hands regularly, and physical distance in public spaces.

Guests must arrive at the departure port the day prior to departure to complete screening and check-in.

The Level Two health screening will be performed by a Coral Expeditions medical practitioner at check-in for your cruise to complete your health questionnaire and review your PCR test results. Please ensure you have your results with you, along with the details of the time and place you received your test. A negative test will be required to board for both guests and crew.

At check-in guests will also sign a travel declaration acknowledging completion of pre-screening steps.

If there are any significant health concerns raised at Level One or Level Two screening, guest/s will be asked to postpone their expedition or a refund offered if required. Health concerns include a positive result on the COVID-19 test or detected symptoms.

To maintain the safe travel environment, we will provide transfers when necessary to the vessel for all guests. These transfers will undergo hygiene and disinfection protocols as required, to maintain your safety at all times.

Before You Cruise

While the focus is on prevention of COVID-19 from crossing the barrier to the ship, mitigation actions on board have also formed a large part of the SailSAFE program. Below is an overview of what you can expect on board to keep you safe.

Voyages will have a medical professional onboard to administer Level Three screening and for medical support. They have expanded the medical equipment onboard.
Level Three Screening will include a daily stop at their health check station to report any changes in health and receive a touchless temperature test.

HAND AND RESPIRATORY HYGIENE Wash stations and Hand sanitizer throughout the vessel and masks will also be provided for all guests and crew if they become unwell or for those that choose to wear them onboard.

PHYSICAL DISTANCING ONBOARD Onboard physical distancing will involve ensuring each guest or guest group has sufficient space during dining, lectures, and excursions. The vessels are naturally spacious, but will manage common spaces to provide the distancing equivalent to 4sqm per person indoors and separation of 1.5 metres. They will minimise the movement of large groups of people using staggered calls by deck or cabin number to group functions such as lectures and meals. For dining, expect to see both indoors and al fresco options. When going ashore aboard the Xplorer tenders, a safe distance between groups and multiple tender trips will be provided.

ENVIRONMENTAL CLEANING & DISINFECTION PROCEDURES Objects that are touched frequently like banisters and door handle will be cleaned and disinfected a minimum of 4 times daily. All surfaces will be cleaned in a two-part approach designed to rapidly act against COVID-19. They will implement ways to minimise exposure to soiled laundry: for shorter cruises guest laundry services will be discontinued, while for longer cruises laundry bags that can be washed will be used. The crew will wear PPE for any work activities that have higher risk.

Ventilation System
Coral Expeditions has a modern air resupply system with high levels of filtration and options for fresh air supply. Additionally, treatment protocols through use of bactigas or similar antibacterial treatment will be used. For medical facilities, independent ventilation systems are installed.

Stores & Luggage Handling
Thorough environmental cleaning for items including luggage will occur during or prior to embarkation. Stores will be misted with virucidal disinfection spray before handling.

They hold HAACP certification, and uphold the highest standards of food safety and quality. The dining service will no longer include buffets. Instead, enjoy family style dining, table platters or table service.

CONTACT RECORDING & TRACING PROTOCOLS Contact tracing is an essential element of managing COVID-19 and generally it is considered that those onboard are contacts of one another. You may be asked to record close contact in diary format of face-to-face contact for 15 minutes or more or sharing an enclosed space for more than two hours.

RISK ASSESSMENT OF PORT VISITS Risk assessment for port visits will be developed prior to each cruise and adjusted in real time as needed. Port visits may be changed or altered as required to remove exposure to shore-side hotspots or suspected outbreaks.

STAFF TRAINING They will ensure all staff receive comprehensive training on this plan and corresponding responsibilities. Each ship and crew will undertake scenario-based, practical training to ensure protocols are understood and practiced, including training on PPE use.

Response Plan

Medically developed and government approved protocols

They have developed, in association with medical partners, a comprehensive Covid response plan if a suspected or confirmed case occurs onboard:
  • Medical care of the patient including isolation, confirmation test, and ongoing care in medical facility - oxygen and medical equipment will surpass the required standard
  • Isolation of patient’s close contacts with regular health checks
  • Clear communication to guests that are well and shore-side support and authorities
  • Immediate organisational response activation
  • Shore-side support protocols, including returning to port, onshore medical care, and deep-cleaning of vessel.

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