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Norwegian Cruise Line - Peace of Mind

09 February, 2021

With Norwegian's Peace of Mind, you can book with ultimate freedom and flexibility. Change plans as needed and feel confident knowing that they're looking out for your health and safety.

NEW HEALTHY SAIL PANEL PARTNERSHIP Norwegian Cruise Line has teamed up with the Royal Caribbean Group to establish a new Healthy Sail Panel consisting of globally recognised experts to develop a science-backed approach for a healthy return to service.

Enjoy a Flexible Cancellation Policy

• For cruises through June 30, 2021: cancel up to 15 days prior for a Future Cruise Credit, or a full refund when you cancel up to 60 days prior.
• For cruises July 1 - October 31, 2021: cancel up to 15 days prior and receive a Future Cruise Credit, or a full refund when you cancel up to 120 days prior

Your Safety is Priority

To ensure your health and safety, they've implemented some of the strictest measures in the industry including:
• Rigorous pre-embarkation screenings
• Non-touch temperature checks for all guests and crew
• Disinfection and sanitization protocols on all ships

Their team is working round the clock to develop a comprehensive and multi-faceted set of new and enhanced health and safety protocols to address the challenges of the current public health environment. These new protocols will be designed to meet or exceed required global public health standards. Below are health and safety measures which are being implemented immediately fleetwide. To further advance the public health response to COVID-19, they are developing additional science-backed protocols for a safe and healthy return to cruising.

Safety Air Filtration IconALL-NEW AIR FILTRATION

Installation of medical-grade air-filters, H13 HEPA, that remove 99.95% of airborne pathogens across our entire fleet to ensure the air you breathe is clean.

  • Replace existing filters with H13 HEPA filters – Medical Grade
    H13 HEPA is one of the highest grades of particulate air filter, removing 99.95% of all particulates 0.1 microns or larger. For comparison purposes, COVID-19 is 0.125 microns (25% larger), a single blood cell is 10 microns (10,000% larger) and a single human hair is 75 microns (75,000% larger).

All guests will undergo an enhanced pre-embarkation health screening, and those considered at risk will undergo additional screening. Additionally, all crew will undergo extensive screening prior to embarkation and constant monitoring throughout the voyage. Touchless temperature checks and continuous monitoring of guests and crew throughout the voyage will help identify potential health issues, offering an additional layer of prevention and protection.

  • Temperature Screenings
    Touchless temperature checks will occur:
    • Prior to embarkation
    • Upon returning to the ship from a port of call
    • Prior to all meals in dining venues
    • Prior to all activities in public venues
    • Prior to disembarkation

  • Crew Screenings
    A healthy crew helps ensure healthy guests. Constant monitoring of crew health includes temperature checks multiple times per day as well as rigid sanitation protocols

    They're enhancing our existing Pre-Employment Medical Examination process, which already screens for a wide variety of infectious diseases, to ensure the health and safety of our crew. They're exploring on board testing capabilities that will allow crew members to undergo the latest, most advanced form of COVID-19 testing at any time throughout their employment contract

All ships are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to every voyage in accordance with company protocols, which are developed in partnership with CDC's Vessel Sanitation Programme. Embarkation terminals will be sanitized continuously, and, where possible, fogged before and after each embarkation and debarkation. Further, all staterooms, suites and public areas will be cleaned, sanitized and disinfected at an increased frequency, and including the use of Electrostatic Spray Technology. Increased sanitation efforts include:

  • HOCl Fogging in Staterooms & Public Areas
    Fogging in staterooms and public areas with the disinfectant hypochlorous acid (HOCI). Hypochlorous acid is a non-toxic, powerful oxidant that effectively kills bacteria, spores, and viruses. It is natural and safe to use in open areas since it is comprised of natural elements such as water and salt, and electric charge.

  • Increased frequencies of cleaning
    Our 24/7 prevention schedule will feature continuous disinfection of public areas and high-traffic touch points. They will ensure that cleaning occurs continuously for all elevators and all public areas during on and off-peak hours.

  • Full Service Buffets
    Buffets and beverage stations will be full service with staff available to serve guests.

  • Personal Hygiene
    All guests will be strongly encouraged to engage in frequent handwashing, including when entering food and beverage venues, and hand sanitizer will be prominently placed and easily accessible throughout the ship.

To provide even more space for responsible social distancing, guest capacity on board will be reduced. Staggered embarkation and online check-in will be implemented for proper social distancing. In addition, they are committed to reducing capacity in all public areas throughout the voyage.

  • Online check-in and staggered embarkation
    They continue to work with port and government authorities to determine procedures that are in accordance with CDC and global health agencies’ guidance, to implement protocols that allow for proper social distancing during the embarkation process, including staggered embarkation and advanced check-in procedures.

  • Social Distancing Onboard
    All onboard activities will still be available, although operated at a reduced capacity, and in some cases, slightly modified in order to ensure safe social distancing. They'll take necessary precautions and follow applicable public health guidelines to ensure guest health and safety, which is our highest priority at all times.

Onboard medical centres will be fully equipped with the latest testing kits and medical supplies. They are also increasing our medical team fleetwide. Additionally, each ship has dedicated isolation accommodation should the need arise.

  • Testing kits and medical supplies include:
    • Advanced on-site rapid diagnostic testing for COVID-19
    • Increased inventory of medical oxygen equipment
    • Increased inventory of vaccinations
    • Increased inventory of medication to treat COVID-19
  • Enhanced health & safety trainings and continued education for crew members
  • They will begin to introduce a newly created onboard position of Public Health Officer, responsible for the oversight of all sanitation and outbreak prevention initiatives. Additionally, they will monitor the day-to-day cleanliness of all public areas and accommodation, maintaining compliance with the CDC's Vessel Sanitation Programme.
  • They’re partnering with our local destinations and tour operators to ensure our industry-leading health and sanitation protocols extend to the shoreside experience.
  • They will only visit safe, open ports of call which may cause changes to your itinerary. Keeping our guests up-to-date with the latest confirmed changes impacting their itineraries is a top priority.

At Norwegian Cruise Line, they are ever-evolving our safe cruising programme. Because your health and safety is our priority. This is just the start of a wave of new technologies and enhancements they are rolling out, so that you can explore the world with the ultimate Peace of Mind.

Last Update: August 26, 2020

How long will guests have to redeem their future cruise credit (FCC)?
All future cruise credits must be redeemed within one year from issue date and can be used for sailings departing on or before December 31, 2022. FCCs can be used for any purchase other than an onboard credit (OBC).

How long will it take to receive my future cruise credit?
FCCs will be credited to the guests via their Latitudes number within seven business days. Communication will be sent to the travel partner and guest once the FCC is added..

Does this policy apply retroactively to previously booked sailings?
Yes. The policy applies to existing and active bookings deposited by September 30, 2020; for sailings through and including October 31, 2021.

Does this policy apply retroactively to previously cancelled bookings?
No. The policy does not apply to bookings cancelled prior to March 10, 2020.

Does the new Peace of Mind policy affect the final payment for voyages?
Yes, we have modified our final payment schedule for voyages through March 31, 2021 to 60 days prior to sailing.

What is the process for cancelling?
For those cancelling under the Peace of Mind policy, the FCC will be applied to the guests' profile in 7 business days. If the booking is outside final payment, refunds will work as usual. As always, for more assistance, please call your Travel Agent.

How long will the Peace of Mind policy be in effect?
Norwegian Cruise Line reserves the right to modify the policy at any time. Any changes will be communicated.

What happens if there is a difference in cruise fare between the future cruise credit (FCC) issued and the future booking?
If the cruise fare for the new booking exceeds the FCC's value, guests will be responsible for the difference. Alternatively, if the new cruise fare is lower than the FCC's value, a new FCC will be issued for the remaining balance.v

What costs are included in the future cruise credit (FCC)?
The following will be applied to the FCC:
- Cruise fare and taxes
- Including any winning Upgrade Advantage payments.
- Flight arrangements booked through Norwegian Cruise Line.
- Hotel and CruiseTour packages purchased through Norwegian Cruise Line.
- Shore Excursions booked and pre-paid through Norwegian Cruise Line
- Prepaid service charges
- Beverage or Dining gratuities (if part of FAS Promotion selection)
- Essentials, Booksafe Standard or Platinum Travel Protection, if purchased. Booksafe Travel Protection will be issued as a separate additional FCC worth the value of the travel protection plan paid. This insurance FCC will be valid for one year from date of issuance and only applicable towards insurance for all published sailings through Dec 31, 2022?

Are any amounts on the affected bookings being refunded instead of being included in the FCC?
Any ancillary items sold by Norwegian Cruise Line will be refunded to the cardholder who made the original purchase (refunded to the original form of payment) and will not be included in the FCC. Ancillary pre-purchased items include:
- Bon Voyage gifts and celebration packages
- Dining or beverage packages (those not part of the Free at Sea (FAS) promotion)
- Water and/or soft drink packages
- Purchased on board credits
- Internet packages
- Photo packages

What is not included in the future cruise credit (FCC) or refund?
The following will not be applied to the FCC or refund:
- Special Promotional Onboard Credits (OBC)

To what reservations does the Peace of Mind policy apply?
The new policy applies to both individual and group bookings. Charters are excluded.

Will a guest’s air change fees be protected?
Guests who secured air accommodation through Norwegian Cruise Line's airfare programme and now wish to alter their plans, can do so with peace of mind as accommodation and fees are protected. Guests who purchased flights independently, should contact their air travel provider for guidance.

Do all rate codes qualify?

Can the future cruise credit (FCC) be used as payment towards the same cancelled cruise if they decide at a later date to sail?
No. The cancellation window provides Peace of Mind allowing you to defer decisions to a later date and therefore the cancelled cruise may not be re-booked using the FCC.

What happens if a new reservation using the FCC is cancelled at a later point in time?
Full value of FCC will be credited back to the guest's latitudes profile if cancellation is outside of standard penalties. Cancellation penalties will be withdrawn from the FCC amount if applicable and remaining balance will be attached to guest's profile.

I won a bid on the Norwegian Upgrade Advantage. Am I guaranteed the same category on the new booking?
No, guests will receive the full value of their winning bid within the FCC and can apply that towards the sailing and category of their choice. Guests can then participate in a new bid once invited to the programme for the newly selected sailing.

What happens when one or more guests cancel, but other guests on the same booking choose to sail?
Unfortunately, they are not able to accommodate an individual guest electing to cancel on a reservation. In an effort to take advantage of the Peace of Mind policy, the entire reservation must accept the FCC.

Should I take out Travel Protection on the new bookings?
Travel protection is always highly recommended and the Peace of Mind policy does not replace protection provided by travel insurance.

I am booked on a Sixthman cruise, which sails on Norwegian. Does Norwegian's Peace of Mind apply to me? Cruises booked through Sixthman and all other charter partners do not apply to this policy.

What is the criteria for denying guests boarding?
They continue to work with authorities to update the criteria below. Please keep in mind that these can change at any time.

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