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POSH Club - Ecruising Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program free membership when you book with Ecruising Travel

Sincere appreciation is one of the hallmarks of our ecruising service. So it should come as no surprise when we recognise you as the very special person you are, both with on-board offers as well as at home.

In addition to a weekly newsletter and exclusive cruise deals, POSH Club offers the one thing our members have said they value most - savings.

Once you have completed your first cruise holiday with ecruising, you will be automatically enrolled in our POSH Club. Whether you’re new to cruising or a cruiseaholic, members’ savings range from small gifts to savings of up to 60% on select cruises depending on your status.

Membership Benefits Bronze POSH Membership Silver POSH Membership Gold POSH Membership Platinum POSH Membership
MEMBERSHIP STATUS Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
NUMBER OF CRUISES 1-3 4-6 7-10 > 10*
ecruising.travel lanyard
Invitations to ship inspections  
ecruising.travel luggage straps    
Up to $50 on-board credit (per stateroom) for bookings to the value of $3,000 per person or more (conditions apply)    
One specialty dining on-board per calendar year (subject to availability)      
5% off any cruise to the value of $10,000 per person or more      
Annual travel insurance (conditions apply) 30% off Free*
Complimentary airport transfers (conditions apply)      
Where did POSH originate?

This colloquialism for 'grand', 'swell' or 'first-rate' is said to have originated in the old days of constant steamship travel between England & India. Passengers travelling by the P&O (Peninsular & Oriental) would, at some cost, book their return passage with the arrangement 'Port Out, Starboard Homeward', thus ensuring cabins on the cooler side of the ship, as it was usually unbearably hot when crossing the Indian Ocean.

Passengers would book 'POSH' accordingly, and 'POSH' soon came to be applied to a first-class passenger who could afford this luxury.

  • I’m a Gold/Platinum POSH Club member. How do I get the $50 on-board credit?
    In addition to the fabulous deals offered by the cruise line, ecruising will provide you with a bonus $50 on-board credit per stateroom. Bookings to the value of $3,000 per person or higher will be eligible.
  • How do I get Platinum travel insurance or transfers?
    If you’re a Platinum member, you have a choice of either a complimentary annual travel insurance or domestic airport transfers (limited to 60 km radius of each capital city airport) to the value of $400 per person within a 12 month period. To take advantage of this great offer, simply book an international cruise holiday to the value of $5,000 per person or higher. Domestic bookings under $5,000 will no longer be eligible for complimentary travel insurance or transfers.
  • What are the conditions to receiving complimentary annual travel insurance?
    The benefit of our annual travel insurance for Platinum members applies only once per year in conjunction with a cruise booked through ecruising. Please note pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered. If the insurance quote exceeds the annual allowance of $400 per person, the difference will be invoiced to you at time of booking.
  • Does the Specialty Dining on-board apply to any cruise?
    As a valued Platinum member, you are eligible to receive one specialty dining on-board per calendar year, with our compliments. We will do our very best to arrange this dining experience for you on-board. In the event the cruise line does not have the option to pre-reserve specialty dining, you will be given an on-board credit to utilise this service on-board.
  • How do I maintain my Platinum POSH Club status?
    In order to maintain your beneficial Platinum status, simply do what you love! One cruise holiday per calendar year valued at $5,000 per person or higher will allow you to continue enjoying your Platinum benefits. No cruising from the day you reach Platinum status means you will automatically drop back to Gold status. However, having attained Platinum status prior, you will be a life-time Gold member.
  • How do I maintain my Gold POSH Club status?
    In order to maintain your Gold status, simply do what you love! One cruise holiday per calendar year valued at $3,000 per person or higher will keep you at Gold status. Otherwise you will automatically drop back to Silver status. However, having attained Gold status prior, you will be a life-time Silver member.
  • Can I cash in my POSH Club benefits?
    All POSH Club benefits have no cash value and is not redeemable for cash/refunds. In the unlikely event that on-board credit is missing from your booking, this will be applied towards your next cruise holiday with ecruising.
  • When did the above changes to the POSH Club membership take place?
    We understand the changes effective 1st July 2016 cause some disappointment amongst our valued members. We have delayed implementing the changes as long as we could, however with much regret cannot delay it any longer. As you are aware, the world is changing at a very fast pace and we have to change with it. In order to continue delivering you the service and product range you know us for, one which we have been delivering over the last 16 years – and counting! We value your patronage and look forward to building a brighter future together.

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