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MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises

MSC is proud to offer unique voyages of exploration, continuing a 300-year family seafaring tradition.

Our 12 ultramodern ships have been conceived to deliver a superior holiday experience. All superbly designed and decorated by master architects, they offer the industry’s leading percentage of sea view balcony cabins per ship and a whole world of unique entertainment occasions, discovery opportunities and relaxation and pampering solutions. Because we’re passionate about sharing our love of exploration by sea and that passion is in everything we do.

Featured Ships

MSC Armonia

MSC Armonia   | 208 Cruises

As her name implies, MSC Armonia is a sociable ship with a real fun loving atmostphere.

MSC Bellissima

MSC Bellissima   | 37 Cruises

MSC Bellissima will offer a stunning array of features to rival those of her sister ship, MSC Meraviglia.

MSC Divina

MSC Divina   | 220 Cruises

MSC Divina is home to a variety of sports, leisure facilities and world-class entertainment, including Kids and Teen Clubs to ensure that everyone makes the most of their time on board.

MSC Euribia

MSC Euribia   | 175 Cruises

MSC Euribia is named after the ancient goddess Eurybia who harnessed the winds, weather and constellations to master the seas, furthering the vision of the ship to master the deployment of state-of-the-art sustainable technologies to protect and preserve the precious marine ecosystem.

MSC Fantasia

MSC Fantasia   | 333 Cruises

At the heart of MSC Fantasia you will find a real stone piazza complete with espresso bar serving freshly-baked pastries and authentic gelato - the perfect place to recharge the batteries before exploring the chic boutiques and duty-free shops nearby.

MSC Grandiosa

MSC Grandiosa   | 341 Cruises

Building on her sisters ships success, MSC Grandiosa offers even more public space than her sister ships, along with a series of exciting innovations.

MSC Lirica

MSC Lirica   | 202 Cruises

There is a relaxed atmosphere on board aided by the elegant interiors and unimpeded ocean views from the lounges� floor-to-ceiling windows.

MSC Magnifica

MSC Magnifica   | 244 Cruises

Combining the relaxed sophistication of the Musica Class with the variety and opulence of our Fantasia Class ships, MSC Magnifica brings cruise guests the best of both worlds.

MSC Meraviglia

MSC Meraviglia   | 98 Cruises

MSC Meraviglia is packed with extraordinary features that offer the perfect experience at sea in every season.

MSC Musica

MSC Musica   | 311 Cruises

As soon as you step on board MSC Musica you are met by the stunning central foyer�s three-tier waterfall and it�s transparent piano, suspended above the water on a crystal floor.

MSC Opera

MSC Opera   | 269 Cruises

With its impressive array of new features and facilities, MSC Opera is now even better equipped to satisfy the needs of our guests.

MSC Orchestra

MSC Orchestra   | 341 Cruises

Combining spacious, elegant interiors with the variety for which our Musica Class is renowned, MSC Orchestra promises your dream cruise.

MSC Poesia

MSC Poesia   | 190 Cruises

MSC Poesia is an innovative cruise ship with elegant style that brings traditional craftsmanship to creative designs.

MSC Preziosa

MSC Preziosa   | 179 Cruises

Cruise all round the world in luxury on the eco-ship MSC Preziosa, savouring the pleasures of the Mediterranean way of life.

MSC Seascape

MSC Seascape   | 236 Cruises

An immersive experience truly connecting you to the sea awaits you onboard MSC Seascape, the glamorous sister ship of the innovative MSC Seashore.

MSC Seashore

MSC Seashore   | 210 Cruises

The first of two enriched Seaside EVO Class ships.

MSC Seaside

MSC Seaside   | 315 Cruises

MSC Seaside rewrites the rule book of cruise ship design, blending indoor and outdoor areas to connect you with the sea like never before.

MSC Seaview

MSC Seaview   | 245 Cruises

The cruise experience on MSC Seaview is all about connecting you with the world outside, from the sea to the sky.

MSC Sinfonia

MSC Sinfonia   | 337 Cruises

MSC Sinfonia pays homage to the symphonies of the great composers in a thoroughly modern reinterpretation of the classic cruise experience.

MSC Splendida

MSC Splendida   | 47 Cruises

MSC Splendida carries you in stylish luxury to the most desirable cruise destinations in the world.

MSC Virtuosa

MSC Virtuosa   | 166 Cruises

MSC Virtuosa�s namesake comes from the word virtuoso, meaning someone highly skilled in any field of activity, and so MSC Virtuosa was named to pay homage to the skill and expertise of the MSC Cruises architects and shipyard partners at Les Chantiers de l�Atlantique who designed and built this innovative class of ships.

MSC World Europa

MSC World Europa   | 357 Cruises

Imagine the future of cruising on board the new revolutionary MSC World Europa, the first ship in the trailblazing MSC World class fleet.

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