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Alaska is a destination high on many traveller’s bucket lists. This remote area of North America invokes images of glaciers, fjords and abundant wildlife.

Scenery and wildlife are the highlights of any Alaska cruise. Sailing the inside passage is something to behold as you drift through stunning fjords and passing towering glaciers whilst keeping a keen eye out for any wildlife such as a bear or moose along the way.

The port stops give travellers an insight into the way of life for these communities, whether it is the Native American influence in Ketchikan, the sweeping mountain views of Skagway or the remote beauty of Juneau.

The Alaskan cruise season typically runs from late April through to September which is a perfect time of the year to combine a land itinerary as the weather in North America at this time is as good as you will find all year. With most cruises beginning or ending in Vancouver and Seattle the options available are endless.

Why not combine a cruise with the world-famous Rocky Mountaineer train journey to create a rail and sail itinerary? Or, incorporate a couple of nights in Vancouver or spend a few nights in Seattle before exploring the sights of the United States on an escorted tour through the great Eastern cities of Boston, Philadelphia, New York and Washington DC.

The possibilities are truly endless. Take a look at our packaged itineraries below or get in touch with our team to put together your very own Alaskan journey.

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