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Cabin Choices... To choose or not to choose - By Senior Consultant, Cory!

Oct 08, 2020



So you have picked the ship, the departure date and the itinerary.. now to choose your cabin. 


It is certainly not the simplest choice when you have so many options, and it’s not just the cabin type to think about.. from inside to balcony to suite ... it’s also the location! Below are some tips on selecting your perfect cabin as well as some benefits of leaving your cabin choice up to chance! 


Cabin Type

Selecting the cabin type could be based on budget or preference. Inside cabins are generally the cheapest unless an upgrade sale is happening (these are typically very good value). Inside cabins can seem a bit claustrophobic as they don’t have a window however many cruiselines are now making inside cabins with virtual views or views of the inside promenade of the ship making them a fantastic budget-friendly option. Inside cabins are especially great if doing land-intensive itineraries where you won’t necessarily be spending much time in your cabin at all.


Oceanview cabins are great to give you some light and views. A great in-between inside and ocean views are obstructed oceanview. These are usually partially obstructed by lifeboats where you get the benefit of partial views and usually at a comparable price to inside cabins and their bonus is that they are generally in a midship location.


Balconies are fantastic to enjoy the fresh sea breeze in your own private space. But, if you are a social butterfly and won’t be in your cabin for extended periods of time, it may not be worth the extra money. I do have to say, sitting on your own private balcony arriving or departing some of the amazing ports of the world is an absolute sight and definitely a nice touch once you've done it once! 


Now the top cabins being suites, these can range from mini-suites to owner's suites and generally have extra inclusions and bonuses. Think personal butler and priority boarding! A suite won’t fall into everyone’s budget but you never know you may be surprised what can happen and certainly worth the upgrade if you like to travel in style and see the benefit of those finer touches.


Cabin number Vs no Cabin Number 

You have selected your cabin type, now it's time for you to select a cabin number... or do you?


Selecting a cabin number and location can be a priority for some cruisers and others may not have a preference. Here are some things to consider if you are selecting a cabin number:


  • Location - midship, forward, aft, port or starboard... Had enough of the jargon yet? Port (left side) & starboard (right side)! Cabin location can be a major decider for some cruisers. For first-timers, it can also be quite overwhelming. Generally midship in a mid-level/lower level is going to be the most stable location on the ship but now, with so much stabilisation technology, this isn’t always the case. If you are taking an oceanview or higher you may want to select which side of the ship you are located to increase the viewing options from your cabin. For example, if cruising Perth to Melbourne, a port-side cabin would be the best option as land views will always be on the left side. Be sure to remember, that these cabins will always book out the soonest so best to get in quick for that bucket-list itinerary. This is definitely something your consultant can assist you with so feel free to ask the experts - that's what we're here for! 


  • Deck - you will also need to consider the deck you'd like to be on. If you are a light sleeper you may want to find a cabin that has cabins above and below to minimise noise. Also, staying away from the lift and stair areas will keep noise levels lower. If you have something other than cabins above or below, consider what may be happening in those areas. If you are a night owl and like a sleep-in, being near the theatre may not be that bad as they don’t have early morning shows and you would most likely be out and about for the last show of the night so the potential noise from the theatre may not matter. Once again, we're the best in the bizz, so you can always let us know your preferences and we can recommend if you are not sure. 


  •  Mobility - looking at a deck plan it can sometimes seem like the ship isn’t that big! Those corridors can be long, so if you prefer quick access to the stairs and lifts, try and get a cabin that is 4 to 5 cabins back to avoid the noise but still be easily accessible.


  • Guarantee cabin - not fussy on where you are located? You can always select a guarantee cabin. This means the cabin number will be allocated by the cruise line in the category you have booked or higher. This can be a blessing - you may book an inside and end up with a mini-suite! The only downside is that you don’t get to select a location on the ship so it may be right at the front or right at the back or it might be the perfect location! Even if you have gone to all the trouble of selecting a cabin number, you can often still leave your booking open for an upgrade, however, once the upgrade is allocated you don’t have a choice as to which cabin number is assigned.


Now that you have selected a cabin number or haven’t if you are gambling on that upgrade, it’s time to book and start planning all the routes to and from your favourite onboard venues to your perfect home away from home at sea!


For any questions or enquiries, please contact Cory on 1300 369 848 or cruiseadmin5@ecruising.travel

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