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Cruising at Christmas Time from Australia - By Senior Consultant, Leah!

Cruising at Christmas Time from Australia - By Senior Consultant, Leah!

Oct 26, 2020


Considering we can’t be cruising this season, let’s think about embarking on a festive adventure for 2021! Here are my reasons below as to why cruising at Christmas time or New Year’s is certainly the way to go (and you might even see me onboard too). 



When getting onboard a ship to start my holidays, it brings me a huge amount of happiness being able to have all my belongings in one place, and, knowing I don't have to lug them around from place to place just screams holiday relaxation! Once you board, you can get to your room, unpack your bag into the wardrobe, and it stays there for the whole time whilst away.  And all whilst you are travelling to different destinations too! Which brings me to my next point...



How great is it when you can sit back and relax with a cocktail in hand whilst you sail from one destination to the next! It is always exciting to get to the next destination, but there is nothing worse than having to pack your stuff, lug it on to a bus, train or plane to get there. To be on a cruise ship and not have to worry about any of that I believe is a huge bonus! On top of that, you can book all the tours you want to do at each destination either before you go or onboard (ensuring they are available, which is why it is best to get in early!). Or you also have the choice to hop off and do all the exploring yourself! 



Over picking up after your kids (or the grandkids)!? Making their beds, cooking their meals, then having them complain that they want dessert! WELL, you bet cruising is the best for you and your family! You have a steward or stewardess that will come to your cabin every morning to tidy your room, make your beds, clean your bathroom, and even make some towel animals for some fun! For breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and even snacks, they are all there for you at any time to enjoy! You will even have someone come over after to clean it all up when you are done!! I mean, how heavenly does this all sound!?



How nice does it sound that you can be in one place and have so much to do whilst you are there! Every day, you receive an agenda giving you absolutely everything happening on the ship, from morning to night and at what time. You can start your morning with a swim out on the top pool deck after your yummy breakfast, mid-morning they may have the crew out on the deck playing games or having some fun with competitions for everyone to join in! After the fun, you may have the kids go off to the kid’s club, whilst you go and relax in the adult’s area and read a book. Then, once it gets to early afternoon, you can get ready to win some bingo! Following on into the night, you can bring the whole family to a show, and every night there is a new show to watch! There is always something fun or entertaining onboard that is going on, so you are never bored! The best part is, you can always do as little or as much as you want. So if relaxation, spa time and the gym are more your thing, the choice really is yours.



Do you find it hard sometimes to find places that are enjoyable with your family when it comes to celebrating Christmas and New Year’s? I can definitely say, cruising and being on board a ship can make your decision a very easy one! They have everything you can think of going on to keep all the adults happy and the kids even happier! Santa is definitely out and about, so the kids better be on their best behaviour! What is just incredible is the way that the ship is decorated with the most amazing ornaments and trees, and it is done in a way that it suits all cultures and religions. They do a traditional Christmas dinner onboard, which is just magical, and in the background play all the classic Christmas carols. They also have incredible shows that are based on Christmas stories and are done so amazingly well.

Not only is it great to be on board for all of the Christmas spirit, but the New Years celebrations as well are just as great! They have the ship equally as decorated and have you ready and excited to bring in the New Year! They have events all around the ship for all ages to be apart of, like special dance parties and games to play. They also put on a dinner for everyone to enjoy! Afterward, they have free champagne flowing and have you getting ready to celebrate the New Year that is just about to hit!


Does that all sound amazing to you!!?? Have I got you excited about jumping on a ship again and at a time to celebrate two of the biggest holidays of the year!? See below for some of the itineraries we have, and I can help you make a booking to get onboard to enjoy one of the ships to do exactly that! Might even see you there ;)! 

- GREAT BARRIER REEF HOLIDAY onboard OVATION OF THE SEAS. Departing 18 Dec 2021 for a 8-night Sydney Roundtrip CLICK HERE

- SOUTH PACIFIC CHRISTMAS onboard QUANTUM OF THE SEAS. Departing 21 Dec 2021 for an 8-night Brisbane Roundtrip CLICK HERE 

- NEW ZEALAND HOLIDAY CRUISE onboard SERENADE OF THE SEAS. Departing 23 Dec 2021 for a 15-night Sydney Roundtrip CLICK HERE

To view more of our Christmas Sailings including International for 2021, you can CLICK HERE 


For enquiries, please contact Leah on 1300 369 848 or email cruiseadmin7@ecruising.travel

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