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Travel Dreaming - A Greek Islands Escape by Senior Sales Consultant, Leah Giri

Travel Dreaming - A Greek Islands Escape by Senior Sales Consultant, Leah Giri

Jun 04, 2020

At this point in time, I bet all of you, like me, are dreaming of all the places you wish you could be! I am imagining sitting and enjoying a nice cold beverage on a hot afternoon watching the sunset on the balcony of a cruise ship. Excitement levels are high as we are about to embark on an incredible journey somewhere in the world. Cruising allows you a taste of city after city without the hassle of worrying how you'll get from A to B and today, I'm going to take you on a dream itinerary through GREECE. 

We've all dreamt about it, some of us have had the pleasure of visiting, but for those who haven't, let's get that inspiration rolling through the stunning Greek Islands, a destination that is certainly on my bucket list. So, here is my dream itinerary for all things GREECE. And of course, let's go by ship! 

First up, we fly into Athens. Our private transfer awaits and whisks us to the stunning Hotel Grande Bretagne, located in a prime location in Athens.  It is a city awash with historical and cultural significance. Towering over the city are the gleaming columns of the Parthenon, surely one of the most iconic sights in the whole of Europe. And yet, Athens is much more than an open-air museum; this is a dynamic, bustling metropolis, and a place where history is still very much unfolding. For all its faults, the Greek capital possesses an energy and optimism that are manifest in everything from the burgeoning art scene to the restaurants and bars that continue to pop up on a regular basis. I would certainly add a stop in at the Acropolis, the new adjacent museum, where space has pointedly been left for the frieze we call the Elgin Marbles.

After your stay, our private transfer will take us down to the cruise port, where we will embark one of many cruise ships that dock there over the European Summer. You can cruise the Greek Islands on an array of budgets. We have included some itineraries for you at the end of this post. 


- Paros: This place gleams with a classic Cycladic colour palette of whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches, and is famous for its ancient marble quarries, which provided the raw material for the Venus de Milo. The island is also home to some great restaurants, peaceful inland villages and lovely beaches that I would love to explore!

- Mykonos: It is the most popular of the Cyclades islands, well known as a haunt of the rich and the famous. It’s also the gateway to the nearby island of Delos, home to one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece.

- Rhodes: Now this is a place a lot of my clients have amazing things to say about. The largest of the Dodecanese islands is steeped in history; the medieval heart of Rhodes Town was once home to the crusading Knights of St John, and later fell to the Ottoman sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. The hillside village of Lindos, with its pretty whitewashed houses, is another highlight. I feel this could even be a place I could spend a day or two in!

- Santorini: Now this is the number one place on my bucket list!!!!! Santorini (known officially as Thira) is one of the most spectacularly beautiful in the Mediterranean. The pretty village of Oia, with its whitewashed houses and windmills tumbling down the hillside, is particularly photogenic. Now this place I think I could spend a week in!!! Simply incredible!

Arrive back to Athens, where we recommend to stay at least another night to allow more time to explore this incredible city. Our packages include flights, accommodation, transfers and cruise plus an incredible array of options to extend on around the Mediterranean or anywhere else in the world! 






Let's personalise your Greek Island exploration today! For enquiries, please contact Leah on cruiseadmin7@ecruising.travel or 1300 369 848


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