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New York Heli Tour

Dec 01, 2016

3 weeks ago, I have been given privilege to experience the beauty of the New York Harbor, including an up - close view of the Statue of Liberty.

Heli NY is located at Downtown Manhattan Heliport, pier 6, East river. From my experience , the best way to go there will be by subway to South Ferry station. Once you exit from the station then turn right and stroll along beautiful harbor and the Heli port will be right in front of you (on the right hand side).

Please allow 30 minutes earlier for the preparation beforehand. Once you arrived at the Heliport, one of the staff will assist you for safety procedure. You will have to leave all your belonging at the locker but they will allow you to take your camera and mobile phone with you. It is very important for them to know your correct body weight so they can allocate us to correct seats. Reason behind this is to make sure that it is even weight when the pilot manoeuvre the heli.

 "So don’t be shy to let them know the right weight because remember Safety is very important!"


 Journey in the sky will take you up to the Hudson River past sites including :

- Central Park


 - Lady of Liberty from the Sky

- Governer Island

- Chrysler Building

- Hudson River

 No Matter if this is the first time to visit New York or if you have been to New York - Heli tour is a fantastic experience to see New York from the Sky and Sunset will be the best way to end of your day trip :) 

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