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Pre-travel Checklist: Tick off the basics

Pre-travel Checklist: Tick off the basics

Nov 02, 2016

Pre-travel Checklist: Tick off the basics


A few months before

  • Purchase suitable travel insurance
  • Visit doctor - ask about vaccinations
  • Obtain foreign currency
  • Check passport expiration date
  • Check driving permits
  • Register on smartraveller.gov.au
  • Create trip budget
  • Visit dentist
  • Organise travel money cards
  • Book rental car
  • Check visa requirements
  • Research your destination

A week before

  • Make copies and upload your important documents
  • Confirm your transport, hotel and car reservations
  • Check the weather forecast
  • Set up a travel plan for your phone
  • Purchase plug adaptors
  • Notify your bank of your travel plans
  • Refill your prescriptions

The final 48 hours

  • Pack and weigh your luggage
  • Check in / print boarding passes
  • Charge technology
  • Put all electronics into your carry-on luggage
  • Pack extra medication into your carry-on luggage
  • Ensure emergency contact details are available
  • Turn off lights and unplug electronics
  • Set up email "out of office" and switch off!


Don't forget your travel insurance - here's why:

38,000 passports were lost or stolen in 20141

The average paid claim for luggage and personal effects is $1,1832

$2.2 million is our largest paid medical claim3

$1,511 is the average cost of cancellations and lost deposits2

Gastro is the most claimed medical condition while travelling2


Sometimes it's often the simple things we overlook.

Travel insurance

Congratulations, you have already ticked off the most important item to have before you travel. You can now traverse the globe with confidence that we will be there for you if the unexpected happens. Remember, if you decide to extend your travel then you should also look to extend your travel insurance cover if possible.

Health check

Check in with your doctor on what vaccinations you might need. Consider also checking in with a dentist if you haven't done so in a while - dental treatment can be expensive overseas and may not be to the same standard as Australia.

Car rental

If something goes wrong on your holiday, chances are it will be with your rental car. Booking in advance and reading all the document information for hidden costs is a good place to start.

Passports and Visas

Did you know that some countries require you to have 6 months validity remaining on your passport? Check your expiration date and if you need a visa for your destination.

Money matters

You'll need to figure out how you're going to access your money while you're away. It's a good idea to have a couple of ways to access your money including cash, travel money cards and credit cards. Also remember to notify your bank of your travels to avoid your cards being cancelled while you are away.

Copy important documents

Keep copies of all your important documents. Last year 1 out of 3 claims stemmed from lost or stolen luggage, so save your documents online as well so you can access them anywhere.


How many of us rely on our technology to help us out when we get lost in a foreign country? Don't get caught out with a flat battery. Make sure you organise adaptors for the countries you are travelling to and look at purchasing spare batteries or power banks for long haul travel.

Check your destination

Check your destination again before you leave as situations can change quickly. Visit smartraveller.gov.au for information on your destination and to register your travel plans.

Make sure to pack

  • Enough medication for your journey, plus extra in case of delay
  • Copies of your emergency assistance numbers including your bank's phone number in case of lost or stolen cards
  • A bag you can keep on you at all times - like a backpack or a satchel


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