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#Travelroks - Where my love of travel began and where it will continue to take me. By Senior Consultant, Tiffany!

Aug 23, 2020

I have been travelling pretty consistently since the 17th of September 2002, when at 10.40 am, my Qantas flight departed from Sydney airport. This was the beginning.

First stop Las Vegas on a Round the World Ticket. I knew nothing and my backpack was overpacked. The reasoning behind my stops? Las Vegas (why not?), Dallas (by chance as the plane had to turn back from Mexico – nothing like seeing a whole heap of people bring out their crucifixes and start praying), Mexico (so I could make my way to Acapulco where The Love Boat always went), Madrid (because that’s the way the flight went), Athens (namely so I could go to Santorini, I wanted my own photos of the white houses and the cats I had seen in so many travel agents windows… and soon learnt there is not much to see over 12 hours on a ferry).

And then onto Africa (for the animals and Zanzibar, and had my first lesson on how to be thankful for what I have) and hopped around the Thai Islands (before any overscaled development), and learnt that strangely enough, the word “capsize” in Thai is the same pronunciation as in English.

And so my life of travel had begun. Until yesterday, when the final nail was cast, and Ryan Air emailed to say my flight from Yerevan to Milan on the 18th of September 2020 has been officially cancelled. Travelling in 2020 for me is over.

So, how does my brain reconcile that my current passport will not be thrown around, stamped, flicked through or possibly misplaced this year? I start planning for next year and give thanks to what I have seen so far….  Keep travelling! #travelroks


Some places that surprised me, had me astounded or speechless along the way: 

     1. Taj Mahal, India

It was not what I was expecting. The intricacy of this architecture is truly stunning, not just another palace. India, if you have not been, will be challenging, amazing and nowhere will compare.


  1. Sahara Desert, Morocco

A couple of days spent in these dunes and a lesson learnt that camel burn, unlike lightning, does indeed strike twice.


  1. Langjokull Ice Cave, Iceland

Learning about glaciers melting, the lost Icelandic language, travelling in an old Russian converted Glacier Truck, and discovering why my drinks were so expensive.


  1. Kakadu, Northern Territory

I have experienced so much of Australia, but this long climb was rewarded by these amazing natural rock pools.


  1. Machu Picchu, Peru

So happy to have seen it. The morning started rainy, and then the clouds opened and the sun shone through (plus it was low season, so could really enjoy it).


  1. The West Bank, Palestine

Not only was I able to view some original Banksy, but the experience of being here and Israel is truly amazing. Our history is so young, and theirs is so complex.


  1. Christ the Redeemer, Brazil

I do laugh at how many landmarks I have seen “under construction”, and this was no exception. I came for Cristo Redentor and Copacabana Beach and left with so many more amazing memories.


  1. Petra, Jordan

Do I really need to say anything more than Indiana Jones…. You know you are now humming it ??

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