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Why Travel Should Be Part of Your New Year?s Resolution

Why Travel Should Be Part of Your New Year?s Resolution

Dec 08, 2017

New Year's ResolutionIt's a sad reality that the majority of New Year's resolutions (while well intentioned) go unfulfilled. In the flurry of excitement around the stroke of midnight, we pressure ourselves to make resolutions that we'll subconsciously place in the back drawer of our minds. Why does this happen?

Research has found that while we are steadfastly committed for the first month, by February, the pressures of life catch up to us, and we forget about our resolutions entirely.

Keeping Your Resolutions


So, how do you keep your resolutions? Believe it or not, booking your next Mediterranean or Royal Caribbean cruise could be the answer. From smoking restrictions to weight loss programs and family bonding activities, cruising will give you the kick start you need to maintain those promises all year.


Here are just a few of the resolutions we can help you with:

  • Manage Stress – Relax and unwind with spa treatments and massages.
  • Increase Your Knowledge – Partake in educational activities, including seminars on finance, health and wellness topics, and more.
  • Family Time – With activities for every age group, a cruise is the perfect excuse to catch up with the family. Royal Caribbean cruises feature a 3D theatre, rock-climbing walls, ice-skating rink, surf simulator and a zip line.
  • Make New Friends – Cruise ships are cheerful, festive, social environments, offering many opportunities to meet new people.  If you're on a small ship with open seating dining, you'll get to know practically everyone on board. Also, the wide range of activities on board is the perfect catalyst to make new friends and create a real sense of community.
  • Lose Weight – Despite talk of gorging and limitless buffet food, cruising is a fantastic start to your weight loss journey.   Equipped with state of the art gyms, fitness classes and personal trainers, you'll lose weight while having the time of your life.


If That's Not Enough

If the prospect of fulfilling your 2018 resolutions isn't enough, here are even more reasons to plan a family cruise.

  • Multiple Destinations, One Suitcase – Whether it's a short cruise or a longer getaway, a cruise departing from Brisbane or Sydney, your floating hotel takes you from island to island. This allows you to see more of the world, and tick items off your bucket list, without the hassle of repacking!
  • Activities for All Ages – Modern cruise ships are designed to keep everyone happy. Fancy pampering yourself at the spa, while your spouse heads to the casino and the kids are playing video games? Or, if you want to expand your mind, you can attend lectures and seminars, take a dance class, learn a new language or sit in on a relaxing yoga session.
  • Easy to Plan – As cruises package transportation and accommodation together, they are simple to plan. Just select your departure date, cabin and itinerary, and Ecruising Travel will take care of the rest.


If you're ready to fulfill that New Year's resolution, book a 2018 cruise today. Whether you're seeking a short cruise, a weekend getaway or a longer journey, we have family cruise deals to suit your needs and budget.

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