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Cruises to Inspire Your Mind

Cruises to Inspire Your Mind

Feb 12, 2018

Cruises to Inspire Your Mind

Cruises are so much more than drifting around the sea to visit a few places. Cruises are really appealing to those with a true sense of adventure, that want to learn and stretch their minds. You can learn something new and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you would have not got anywhere else. People are asking for more than a ship vacation with some cocktails. They want to have their horizons broadened with cruises that inspire the mind. 

Camp Discovery for Children and Teens

If you are planning your vacation with family, entertaining children can sometimes be difficult. Princess Cruises are now incorporating Camp Discovery into their onboard clubs, and it has been really popular with inquisitive and curious teenagers that want to learn more about the world. There are Mythbusters activities with some amazing experiments to join in with and get hands on. Survive Alaska is all about geology and the environment. Everything from learning about the oldest oceanic crusts, to survival in the wilderness. There are programmes from the California Science Center too, for the budding astronauts out there. Children will be thoroughly entertained, as well as learning something new and making friends. 

Japan and Ancient Tokyo

Cunard are offering Tokyo cruises from Yokohama that are perfect for history enthusiasts. The rich and vibrant city has so much to offer from following the cherry blossoms in Spring, to visiting the lavish and beautiful temples in the area. There is a rich trade history with Britain and China that adds to the tapestry of this picturesque area, and you can see how different cultures have shaped the land. 

From Tokyo you can go on excursions to the spectacular Mount Fuji and Hakone National Park, which is geologically very special - the region is full of volcanic hot springs. You can also visit Kamakura, the ancient capital of Japan, which has many temples and shrines. The statue of The Great Buddha is also in Kamakura, drawing great crowds. The photos you may see of this, in books or online will never do justice to the sheer breathtaking scale of the statue.

Have a Semester at Sea

Semester at Sea is essentially a university experience while traversing the globe. On board there is a library with over 9,000 books and a computer suite perfect for studying. They offer 75 different subjects including sciences and business. Whilst you are perfecting your education, the cruise takes you to 11 different countries, starting in San Diego, and including Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mauritius, South Africa and Ghana, before arriving in Great Britain. There are 3 cruises a year, each taking 101 days. What a wonderful way to learn and see the world. 

Going on a cruise can be educational in itself, you are visiting new places, with some amazing history and sights to see. You can immerse yourself in new cultures and cuisines, enjoying what the world has to offer. There are some amazing cruises that incorporate learning for all ages and the whole family to enjoy.  


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